Pool Information

POOL ID: d9e2d181dfe21ab2ca7e95847b9a219e691ee1366d22569712390655

The nodes of BKIND are running on four HP Proliant Microservers and are protected by two professional DrayTek hardware firewalls. The HP Proliant Microservers are running on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS and are security hardened. The connection to and from the internet (and with that to and from the Cardano Blockchain) is established through two separate (physical) fiber lines, each having its own internet provider. A fully redundant configuration to make sure BKIND remains online 24/7, 365/366.

Cardano is using Proof of Stake, which is environmentally friendly from an energy usage perspective. To further support the environment, BKIND is supported by solar panels, which means that the energy used by the hardware of BKIND is supplied by the solar panels.